Welcome to my Online Islamic School. This program is a collaboration of a number of blessed individuals who seek good for each other and those beyond their personal network.

I am blessed to be able to provide you accesses to the program through the kind patronage and support of partners that care for your learning and desire to learn our beautiful Deen. I do request that you provide a financial commitment from yourself, even if it is just $1. This allows you to gain the Blessing of assisting others along with yourself to learn Islam and the Sunnah. Please use the donation form on the page.

Please make yourself comfortable and explore the variety of sessions. You will find that the dashboard is easy to use and has all of the self-paced and live sessions that are upcoming, on display for you.

Dashboard will open on the 15th of October.

Season One begins the journey with
Six self-paced Essential Modules that require just a few minutes a day –

  1. Me, Myself & Allah: Our Belief in God
  2. A Juz A Day: A Summary of the Quran
  3. Living Online: 30 Hadith For Social Media
  4. Dua A Day: Prophetic Prayers of Protections
  5. Purity: Tahara – Spiritual & Physical Cleanliness
  6. Grill the Imam: Weekly Live Interactive Q & A With Shaykh Yahya
  7. Integrated Quizzes & Support

Please do share our program with your friends and family and let us know how we could be of further help.