A Young Muslim’s and Muslimah’s Guide to Pubery 

Art of Manliness

by Sh Yahya Ibrahim

Some of the topics covered in The Art of Manliness include:

  1. Why we Submit?
  2. Know thy Self – Who Am I & what is my Purpose?
  3. The Body, Mind, & Soul & how it is paired with: Islam, Iman & Ihsan
  4. Finding Happiness
  5. Ilm, Taubah, Mujahad
  6. Growth Mindset and overcoming Hardship
  7. Love yourself
  8. A Healthy Heart
  9. A Mature Soul
  10. A Man is more than a Male
  11. Physical & Emotional changes
  12. Hair, Hair, Everywhere
  13. The Male reproductive system
  14. Erections, wet dreams & Discharges
  15. Toxic Masculinity
  16. And SO MUCH MORE inshaa’Allah

Heart to Heart

by Dr Aminah Mah and Sh Yahya Ibrahim

Dr. Aminah Mah has several decades of experience doing community work, volunteering, teaching and providing guidance to young women and parents. While raising her three children, Aminah Mah’s nursing and education backgrounds led her to undertake research degrees at the University of Western Australia on parenting Muslims and wellbeing support services in Islamic schools in Australia. Among her interests is the study of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. She is author of the soon to be released book, “Watering the Roots: A 1-2-3 Parent Wellbeing Guide (a Muslim Viewpoint).”

Some of the topics covered in Heart to Heart include:

  1. What is puberty
  2. Skin
  3. Body Odour
  4. Hair Growth
  5. Breasts
  6. Menstruation (Period)
  7. How menstruation works
  8. First Period & Managing them
  9. Significance of being a Female
  10. Submission – Role Acceptance
  11. Manage your emotions
  12. Ways to reduce Anxiety and Stress
  13. Taking care of your Mental Health
  14. Overcoming Bullying
  15. Body Image
  16. and SO MUCH MORE inshaa Allah

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