Online Islamic School


  1. Me, Myself & Allah: Our Belief in God
  2. A Juz A Day: A Summary of the Quran
  3. Living Online: 30 Hadith For Social Media
  4. Dua A Day: Prophetic Prayers of Protections
  5. Purity: Tahara – Spiritual & Physical Cleanliness
  6. Grill the Imam: Weekly Live Interactive Q & A With Shaykh Yahya
  7. Integrated Quizzes & Support


Coming soon

  1. A Young Muslim’s Guide to Puberty (BONUS: Dr Aminah Mah will have a YOUNG LADIES Series!
  2. Prayerful
    (Why we pray the way we pray & how to make it BETTER!)
  3. Did the Prophet really say THAT? (Why we believe in Hadith & follow the Sunnah)
  4. You, Me and Allah
    (Season 2 that builds on Me, Myself and Allah
  5. A Muslim’s Guide to Righteousness
    (30 Virtues to Master!)
  6. A Muslim’s Guide to avoiding Transgressions
    (30 Sins to Avoid!)
  7. Sexual Ethics in Islam
    (Love, Dating, Relationships & Balance – Bonus: Special Guest contibutors
  8. Integrated Quizzes & Support