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Growing up, in my early teens I was blessed to find a mentor, Islamic centre and community and family support to assist me in my journey of discovering the beauty of Islam.

The world today is very different and the landscape and acceptance that I had growing up in Canada is not as readily found, anywhere in the world, any more.

The Future is Now!

Where can our younger generation find a relevant, exciting, balanced and comprehensive Islamic education? Where can we as parents and guardians find small modules and sessions that are designed to achieve a solid foundation of acquaintance with Allah and all that makes us true Muslims?

Here is where I need your on-going support. I appreciate your desire to help shape a brighter future for our community of believers. Allah rewards you for that commitment!

I have built an exciting Islamic Studies curriculum that I need your help with producing.

Our aim, together, is to make the understanding of our sacred sources – the Quran and Sunnah – and their interpretation (Fiqh) relevant, contemporary, accessible and translatable to a generation of tech savvy Muslims.

As a team our mission is is to provide a,“Quality Islamic Education for a Future Generation.”

The programs I have designed rounds out the effort for an Adult re-entry Islamic Studies program that will cover the basics while providing access to advanced topics of relevance to us all once the fundamentals are covered.

All the above will always be accessible to all and none will be disadvantaged on account of their financial position.

Thank you for your commitment and on-going support.

Set it, Forget it, EARN IT!!


With Love and prayers of peace,



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