How to Lead your Family and friends in Eid Prayer at Home – A Step by Step guide

1. Intention to Pray

In your Heart: ‘I am performing two raka’ah Eidul Fitr prayer

2. First Raka‘ah
Open the prayer with the Takbiratul Ihram (the first takbir i.e. Allahu Akbar) and then follow up with 7 more Takbirs. Afterward, Al-Fatihah will be recited followed by another Surah (Preferably Surat al-A’laa).

3. Second Raka’ah
After you stand up, while saying the first Takbir you will then repeat the Takbir 5 more times and begin reading Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by another Surah (preferably Al-Ghaashiya).

4. Sermon
After the prayer, the Imam can address the people with a sermon (khutbah) that will:
1- Mention the name of Allah
2- Send Salaawat / Durood upon the Messenger Muhammed sala Allahu alihi wasSalaam
3- Recite a verse from the Quran at minimum
4- Command people to Fear Allah (Have Taqwa Allah etc)
5- Make dua for all

It is preferred to have a short break and divide the talk into two sermons.

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