Dua for curing our ailments & others who are sick

أَذْهِبِ البَاسَ رَبَّ النَّاسِ، اشْفِهِ وَأَنْتَ الشَّافِي، لاَ شِفَاءَ إِلَّا شِفَاؤُكَ، شِفَاءً لاَ يُغَادِرُ سَقَمًا

Adh-hib-il-ba’sa rabba-an-naas, washfi ant-ash-shaafee, laa shifaa’a illaa shifaa’uk, shifaa’an laa yughaadiru saqamaa

“Remove the affliction, O Lord of mankind, cure him (or her), for You are the one who cures, there is no cure but Your cure, the cure after which no illness remains.”

When the prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited this dua, he was wiping with his right hand (or placing the hand) at the place of ailment.

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